Our Instructors

Get to know them!

J. Granelli

A native of Northern California, J. has lived in Brooklyn for the last 25 years. Trained as a Jazz musician, J. came to Pilates through his wife, Bodycraft founder Lana Halvorsen as a way to manage his body and maintain good posture and alignment. After years as a student J. became certified by Kelly Kane at the Kane School in NYC.

He has studied extensively with master anatomists Irene Dowd and Amy Matthews as well as Upledger Cranial Sacral technique and Mayofascial Release Techniques with John Barnes.

J. is dedicated to the integration of mind and body as a way to feel grounded, stronger and sane in our ever more complicated world.

Charis Haines

Charis Haines is originally from Carpinteria, California. Ms. Haines graduated summa cum laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BFA in Dance. Upon graduation Charis moved to New York City where she has been dancing professionally with Rioult Dance NY since 2007. Inspired by her passion for movement, Charis was certified in Pilates through the Kane School of Core Integration. Through teaching she strives to bring balance, stability, strength and a healthy movement experience to busy New York City bodies. Ms. Haines focuses on efficiency, constantly emphasizing quality over quantity in order to reach goals that last. Charis first fell in love with Pilates when an injury threatened her career. She quickly became a true believer in the long-term benefits of such a wonderful practice.

Elizabeth Whitney

A native of California, Elizabeth has lived in Brooklyn on and off for the past 8 years. A former yoga teacher, Elizabeth came to Pilates hoping to gain better insight into the human body and to be able to help and educate her students to more effectively work with (and out of!) injury and pain.
After years as a student, Elizabeth became certified through the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC.
Through teaching she strives to educate and connect students to the miracle that is their bodies, hoping to help them access their own power, strength, fearlessness, grace and buoyancy.
She likens Pilates to driving lessons for your body and finds it to be the most comprehensive modality she has found to teach people to move as efficiently, safely, joyfully and functionally in their lives for as long as possible.

Risa Harris

Risa Harris earned her Pilates certification at Center for Movement under Morwen Banq. She holds an undergraduate diploma in Vocal Performance from Mannes College of Music and a BA from SUNY, and she was formerly co-owner of Power-House Pilates in Jersey City. She currently studies anatomy with Irene Dowd.