Welcome to Bodycraft!

Here we are! 25 + years of private one-on-one Pilates sessions in Park Slope Brooklyn, and our desire to share our healing gifts with you and the world just keeps growing.

I basically grew up in a dance studio in the Redwood forest of Northern California. My first dance teacher of many years taught me to leave the stresses and complications of life outside the door, before stepping foot into the dance studio. The next hour/s were for complete dedication and focus on the body. How is the body moving today? What does it feel like? Am I feeling happy or sad? How does that affect my movement? If I push a little deeper here and yield a little here, what sort of movement will that produce? This early practice has become a template for what we now use in our healing arts practice.

Pilates has become very popular. The exercises are very well crafted and very deep when executed well. We at Bodycraft Pilates have taken the rich and profound work of our elders and are bringing it to you to perhaps try for the first time or to experience through a slightly different lens. A lens that will allow you to put your busy life on hold so that you can travel into the world of your body. I promise, the journey will be rewarding! It is not always easy or fun, (although we do our best) but we can all benefit from putting our busy life aside for an hour or two, take a few deep breaths, create some space for our minds and our bodies so that peace, transformation and well being can seep in

- Lana