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“Bodycraft is the oldest–that is, longest running–Pilates studio in Park Slope, and it’s certainly one of the best. Owner/founder Lana Halvorsen has been deeply immersed in movement therapy and fitness for more than twenty years. Her experience and talent inspires physical therapists, chiropractors, and clients to speak her name in the kind of tone that conveys the deepest level of professional respect. I’m a veteran massage therapist/bodyworker myself, and I recommend her and her whole team without reservation.”

-Stuart Garber, Message Therapist

“In addition to being a gifted movement expert, Lana takes tremendous pride in the work done in her studio. She guarantees that all Bodycraft instructors are at the top of their game. She is a brilliant teacher and every session is a new lesson and a fresh experience of learning more about the human body.”

–Cristiana K. Collins, PT, PhD, NCS

“As an instructor at Bodycraft, I’m delighted to see how this safe environment fosters a sense of caring, community, and mutual trust between clients and instructors. Bodycraft is a place where my clients and I can communicate openly, where people can truly grow, and which ensures a fulfilling experience of exercise and movement.”

–Nicole Stephens, Bodycraft Instructor

“I have wholeheartedly recommended my patients to Lana Halvorsen for over a decade. A gifted healer, Lana’s sensitivity and long-time experience make it possible for me to confidently refer even my most difficult cases, of all ages and conditions, with beautiful and reliable results. Several years ago, I, too, began to work with Lana, and can personally attest to the relief of symptoms her unique method has achieved.”

-Rachel Koenig, Aurora Healing Arts

“Lana is the soul of integrity as well as the most remarkably gifted practitioner of the Pilates Method…ever. My personal experience, as well as that of virtually every patient I have referred to her in her many years of practice, reflects this assertion.”

–Bill Walsh, Chiropractor